I am Karan Bajaj, bestselling novelist and striving yogi, now based in Mumbai, India. More than 100,000 people read my work on writing and meditation every week. You can join us by signing up here or contact me at karan<at>karanbajaj.com.

If you decide to join, you can expect to:

  1. Learn how to meditate

    I’ve been practicing meditation for five years now ever since my mother died from cancer, forcing me to reflect on the shortness and futility of my unexamined life.

    For a year, my wife and I lived for long periods in silence practicing Vipassana meditation and learning Hatha yoga in the middle of a secluded forest ashram in India with monkeys and snakes as companions.

    I believe meditation is a “lion’s roar”, a full-throated cry for a man to understand his true purpose in a silent, uncaring universe not a soft new-agey blend of “vibrations”, “chakras”, “energy fields” and “just let go” instructions.

    After 5 years of practicing meditation, I now finally feel I’m in a position to share what I’ve learnt. Barely. I’ll share the tip of the iceberg I’ve seen. You have to discover the rest on your own. I don’t know much but what I know is real and will impact your life.

  2. Learn how to write a novel and get a book deal

    My first two novels, Keep off the Grass and Johnny Gone Down, were #1 bestsellers in India yet deep down I couldn’t step back and say:

    This is as good as I can make them.

    I wanted a glimpse of transcendence in my writing, to lose all sense of author-ship and become just a medium for the story to tell itself with my next book.

    It took me five years of learning, stumbling, falling, and purifying myself as a person, shedding layers of personal baggage and identity, to write THE YOGA OF MAX’S DISCONTENT (Random House, May 3rd’ 2016), released in India as THE SEEKER. This is my first international novel and very well-reviewed but most importantly, this is the first time I can say:

    This is as good as I can make it.

    I share the best of what I’ve learnt in these last five years of trying to be bigger than my abilities in this step-by-step writing, editing, and querying guide here:


  3. Get some insight on your day job, passions and dharma.

    In the last decade I’ve written my novels and become a yoga teacher while working in corporate roles with Procter&Gamble, Boston Consulting Group, and Kraft prior to my most recent role as the GM of Discovery Channel in India.

    Contrary to the popular “follow your dream”/”become an entrepreneur” cultural advice, my career has tremendously liberated my art by keeping it free of the burden to monetize it.

    Besides I like corporate life. I express myself through it. The tree bears fruit, ice melts, water quenches thirst, in the same way my dharma is to be in business so I’ve never felt tempted to become a full-time writer or a yoga teacher. And yet, I’ve fully explored those dimensions of myself through multiple sabbaticals in my career.  I don’t see much conflict between day jobs and passions and and share more ideas on work, writing, life, and how to act in accordance with your dharma  here frequently.

    My email is karan<at>karanbajaj.com  and I’m usually pretty prompt. Other ways to be in touch(and do be in touch–after a decade spent in building myself, my goal for the next phase of life is to dissolve myself completely)

    The Yoga of Max’s Discontent: www.karanbajaj.com/yogamax


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