atha yogānuśāsanam

Now begins the exposition of Yoga.

I am Karan Bajaj, bestselling novelist and striving Yogi. Born and raised in the Indian Himalayas, I now live in Brooklyn, New York.

Karan Bajaj

Author Karan Bajaj

Karan Bajaj

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  1. Learn how to write a book and get an international publishing deal

    My first two novels, KEEP OFF THE GRASS (Harper Collins: 2008) and JOHNNY GONE DOWN (HarperCollins: 2010) were #1 bestsellers in India. I wanted an international publishing deal for my third novel and read every popular book on writing, plotting, and selling a book while taking one writing course after another in New York City.

    Bad Mistake.

    My third novel was rejected by sixty-one US literary agents between 2012 and 2013. In hindsight, it was obvious. None of the famous “writing instructors” have ever been published. And the ones who have are veterans and have forgotten what it means to be a debut novelist with no MFA or publishing industry contacts in the competitive US market. I went back to the drawing board and re-worked my novel marrying what had worked for me in the past with the study of actual bestselling novels and created my own methodology. Immediately after, I got a major book deal with Penguin RandomHouse World for THE YOGA OF MAX’S DISCONTENT (Spring’ 2016). The book was launched in India in 2015 as THE SEEKER and became a #1 bestseller while garnering almost 100% positive reviews.

    I believe anyone can write and get a top publishing deal. And my goal is to share my methodology soup-to-nuts transparently with you.

  1. Learn meditation

    Why has meditation become so soft and new-agey with all this talk about vibrations, chakras and energy fields? This question occupied me for the year my wife and I lived for long periods in silence practicing Vipassana meditation and learning Hatha yoga in the middle of a secluded forest ashram in India with monkeys and snakes as companions. Like Sankara, the 8th century Vedanta mystic, I believe meditation is a “lion’s roar”, a full-throated cry for a man to understand his true purpose in a silent, uncaring universe. I’ve been practicing meditation for five years now ever since my mother died from cancer, forcing me to reflect on the shortness and futility of my unexamined life. Now, finally, I feel I’m in a position to share what I’ve learnt. Barely. I’ll share the tip of the iceberg I’ve seen. You have to discover the rest on your own. I don’t know much but what I know is real and will impact your life.

  1. Become a friend:

    Kerry, my wife, and I are deliberately shifting focus away from individual achievement i.e. writing our books, climbing corporate ladders etc. to building deeper, meaningful relationships for the next phase of our life. This community is part of the effort. 99% of the content I create is free and I try to respond to as many personal messages as I can with the eventual idea of forming deep, personal friendships with many in the community. The 1% content I charge for—books and video courses—are only to cover my creation costs.


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